Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Success University First Encounter

I got to know Success University (SU) through one
of my upline - Kidino.

He is an internet marketer, I would say a
successful one... he already fired his boss!!!

I would frequent his blog at least once a day to
read his postings.

The thing is, I want to learn how to become a
successful internet marketer. Getting good passive
income so that I can stay at home, and
no..no..no..no, not to spent more time with my
kids... They have to go to school...you know.

Next time, I'll share stories about them.

Then, one day he posted a topic on MLM. He said
he wasn't sure if going into another MLM is the
right move after failing miserably. After checking
with a few people from SU he felt that online MLM
is not far from what he is doing now. He also like
the people over there. So he joined.

Well, I registered with SU on evening, Jan the 20th
after tinkering with the idea for a few days and
walla... next thing I know I was offered a downline
through an e-mail. Most probably from Kidino or
Zamri (Kidino's upline). It's like when my boss
give me a job and I'd ask when is the dateline.
"Yesterday," came the word, like a thunder coming
down splitting the earth. So in my frustration I
deleted the e-mail. You see the problem is that...,
the offer came after I signed up.

Frankly, after jumping on the bandwagon I didn't
really fiddle around the website. I was as usual,
doing other things. Helping my wife, I guess....

Then, about a week after, my plan is to take the
whole family back to our hometown to see my
parents and in-laws, and you see what happened.

The whole family was down with flu, so we spent
the holidays in our home from Jan 28th until Feb
the 5th.

One day while resting, and feeling sorry for the
family, I said to myself,"Why not have a look at SU

....WOW was I really impressed after listening to
Johny Wimbrey Faculty Call....still in excited mood
on Feb the 7th, I e-mailed to Kidino asking for
guidance on how to start.



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