Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Car Needs New Engine

In one point of your life you will own a car or a motorcycle. And as a proud owner of an engined driven machine you will join the "Club of Workshop Visitor".

I've been using my car for quite a few years. Last year its engine started to give problem. So early this year, I discussed with my mechanic and he suggested I changed the whole engine block to another one.

Why don't do a major overhaul of the engine? From what I get to understand, the cost is about the same if replacing the engine or doing an overhaul.

There are a few disadvantages of doing overhaul, the first one is that an engine overhauled will not have the performance of a new engine. You got to have new engine to get new engine performance.

It will also suck up more fuel and then I'll have to drive the car moderately until the new pistons rings and the pistons holes have settled with each other or else I'll brushing with the possibillities of having pistons jamming in my engine which will make me more poorer if that happens.

Anyhow, I've already changed the engine last month and I wished I had changed the engine somewhere last year because the price has gone up substantial this year due to the rise in fuel and metal.

Next I have to sent my car for inspection at Puspakom, an agency trusted to do the inspection and after that Road and Transport Department to change the engine registration.

If I do it it'll cost me RM40 (about $10). If I let the workshop do it on my behalf they'll charge me RM140 (about $35).

So what should I do?



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