Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Interesting Success University Courses

I like to hear Earl Nightigale audio from Success University. Sometimes I can listen to him talking the same thing for 3 or four times in a day.

What Earl Nightingale said in Lead the Field, "....if you stay and get rid of your problem by working your way through them, your're a successful citizen...", has prompted me to look back and helped me how to solve one of my biggest problem.

And other instructors that I love to hear is Bob Burg talks in his lesson Endless Referrals and Debra Fine in her course The Fine Art of Small Talk.

Do you know why some people climb the career ladder quicker than others? Two academicians that I knew said its due to their people or communication skills.

Its not about golf, its not about partying, its not about giving gifts, its not about being around the right people, its bigger than those things.

It's about how you treat and handle people. Let say you are avid golfer and always making fun of people who missed their putt. I don't think the next time you'll be invited unless you're the boss.

Who would you prefer, a person who laugh everytime you missed or someone who offers to teach and show you how you may hit the ball during the next putt.

And there are some people who felt communication is anything at all that comes out from the mouth. Have you ever been around someone whom you really dread when they start to say something?

So before you start holding the golf club or going to party or giving gifts or starting to be around the right people, polished you communication skills first.

Its not hard, but needs training, old habit die hard. The most important things in communication skills is knowing what to say and when to say it.

You should be able to get into the flow of conversation and unless you're defence lawyer at a court, in a debating team or any such wonderful situation. It would be better for you not to be antagonistic. And mind you its hard to change people's opinion.

When did you ever change other people's opinion using just logical argument?

So put on your nicest smile and go on. Do it after learning the basic, you'll master the subtle skills later.

Better still, find someone who has the same interest as you and then motivate each other to carry out the exercise.

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