Friday, May 12, 2006

How To Become An Expert?


You are an expert when people start asking you question about something which cannot be answered by anyone else and your answer is correct. When you speak and argue, other people start listening. You talk with an air of confidence that others wouldn't dare to be in your way.

Another thing is that your name will frequently crop up when people are having discussion about a certain matter.

I've had the opportunity to be labelled as an expert in a few fields, well, other people call me so, maybe its a complement to get me to help or be nice to them. Or it could be true.

Here I want to share what are the things that you have to go through if your target is to become an expert in any field that you want to focus.

So I've listed them below in no particular order:

1. Read all the information that you can find on the subject. Make notes and anything that help you remember the information.

2. Check with other people who is more knowledgeable if your understanding on something is correct, of course this is only possible when you are not the expert yet.

3. Be involved in any aspect of the subject when you get the opportunity, never reject any of the opportunities.

4. Write down what you understand of the matter when it is still fresh in your mind and it is better if you have a book or a system that will make sure what you've written will not go missing.

Writing on a piece of tissue is a bad idea in this case.

And the more that you write the better it is. Usually one month from now we will forget what is meant by a very simple sentence or statement that nobody else can understand.

4. To make your knowledge stick to your mind, also never miss the opportunity the help answering other people's question regarding the subject.

5. You have to go through most processes many times until you remember it. Some said its at the tip of their tongue or I can do it blind folded.

For example if 10 people asking the same question, the ten times that you talk about the matter will make you remember more rather than when only one person asking that question and you answered only once.

6. Come out with a documentation and submit them for others to comment and use, but usually when you are the expert, they won't know what to comment. They just keep quiet or comment on the cosmetic.

7. Be persistent because it will take time. From my experience it will take at least 3 to 4 years to attain the knowledge that qualifies you as an expert subject matter. That is considering you're on the subject daily.

I think there are a few others that I did not put down here. Maybe next time I'll list them.

And my final advise is, even though you think you have achieved the status of an expert at something, some knowledge become obsolete quickly. So enhance your knowledge now and then.

For example if you're an expert in rearing ornamental fish or cows, most probably the knowledge will last for years or maybe decades and you can passed the knowledge down even to your grandchildren.

But if you're an expert in Intel processor 8088, get busy updating your knowledge.

Have you heard about the Pentium your children will ask?


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