Friday, March 24, 2006

Attacked !!!

Last 4 night I continued doing some work with my
SU project.

Busy, registering as member at some articlesender
submission sites to start sending article. It's an
easy way to get branded on the internet and also a
great way to get constant traffic to your website -
Zamri told me. There is an automatic registration
manager but I just wanted to try and register
manually to a few of them.

Put in my info, clicked "submit", received e-mail
asking activation and clicked on a specified link
and ...hey presto... I'm already a member....

Things was running smoothly until I clicked on one
of the link, suddenly I got two pop-ups asking to be
downloaded. I don't accept unsolicited request as
a precaution and I will terminate any pop- up. While
I was strugling to select the window and to press
Alt-F4, both of them disappeared.

From my PC speaker I heard a few clicking sound,
now this should have made me cautious. But I
repeated the steps again and same incidents

After that I couldn't access my e-mail and also the
article manager. The article manager did not
recognized my password anymore.

Unfortunately when this happened, the antivirus
and firewall in my home PC were antiquated.

Actually this is the third time it happened in the
past few years. Every time it happened I had to do
some cleaning and upgrade my security application.
After that I forgot about it until it happened

It's not that I don't know about computer security.
But the thing is, I'm on dial-up, and when I see the
download time for a newer version of something is
going to be soooo..............looooong, that's why I'm
happy with the current version.

Maybe I should upgrade to a higher speed internet
connection, then downloading upgrade should be
a breeze. I'm also now wishing that my connection
is much faster so that I can switch web pages more


For the past few days I've already scanned my PC,
found five unwanted visitors and cleaned them.
I've installed and used 4 latest free antivirus,AVG,
Kaspersky, Avast, Antivir. And my access to e-mail
and articlesender is alright now. But I still have
problem with my firewall "zone alarm", unable to
uninstall properly the previous version. I already
got some information from Google, it seems this
problem is occuring frequently from the few postings
I saw, the problem is similar to me.

There are also steps how to overcome this
problem. I'll see if they work.

See the culprits from the picture above, reported by AVG,
it can be downloaded for free.



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