Thursday, May 25, 2006

Continued: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Training

Yesterday is the 2nd day of training and today will be the last day.

The first thing to do today is called 3 person teaching. Anytime when we teach other people about something who becomes more knowledgeable? We ourself will be. We need to understand first before we can teach others.

Actually the teaching can be carry out with more than three people. So each of us selected a topic and will be presenting our topic to the group.

Everyone is given one and a half minutes to talk about the topic and another one and a half minutes to tell a story that has a relation to the topic.

To me, attending the training is like enforcing what I already knew. Because I have attended many self improvement seminars and also listen to tapes and audio. They are all about the same on the basics.

Sometimes during the training I get new insight or starts to think how to do those things that I haven't practise yet or keep me back on track.

One of the important matter in this training is how we want to live our life, do we want to build our character or concentrate on personality?

Building character is hard work and takes time or maybe a life time but personality can be imitated and acquired quickly. Building character is like planting an oak tree and building personality is like planting mushroom.

The oak tree slowly grows and overtime it becomes bigger and strong with root deep into the earth and no big wind or rain (I'm not sure about tornadoes) can uproot it but mushroom, it has a short life and you cannot get cover from the rain or sunshine under a mushroom.



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