Monday, May 22, 2006

My Car's Engine Number Changed

Finished doing it by about 3:00pm. Then I SMSed to my wife, telling her how relief I felt.

I started in the morning about 8:00am. Went to Puspakom, Bangi. While I was waiting for the inspection I saw my friend name with his contact number somewhere in front of the reception counter - below his name - said if you have any complaint please call this officer. Maybe I just tell him later I went to one of the inspection center and see his response.

After getting the inspection result which is "PASS" I went to RTD Padang Jawa. Filled in the forms and took my number to be called. Then at the counter the RTD officer entertaining me, asked me to get insurance endorsement of engine number changed from my car insurance company.

Fortunately the insurance HQ is quite near at Shah Alam town. I got the information after asking a Tahan Insurance agent. She was willing to try to get the endorsement at first but then said there is no menu to do it at her PC after a while. Currently all insurance is done online in Malaysia. That is one of the eGoverment benefit.

Tahan Insurance HQ is located in MRCB building, behind PKNS Complex in Shah Alam. Then I had mamak's fried mee at Khalifah Restaurant at Section 3 Shah Alam. It's delicious.

After that back went to RTD Padang Jawa. I arrived about 1:30pm and the counter is closed and I have to wait until 2:00pm. Then took my number and after a few minutes I was called.

Submitted my forms and documents to the officer. After that waited again for about another half an hour before getting back my Registration Card.

Thats all to do and I was smiling. :-)

Now let me see how I felt.

1) At Puspakom I was treated nicely but the I felt tensed.
2) At RTD Padang Jawa I was also treated nicely and no tension, the officer also talk nicely to me.
3) At Tahan Insurance I felt like been in a wrong place. The lady who is doing it looks surprised when I first spoke to her. I don't know why. Her place was very office liked. No fancy stuff or colorful advertisement because I went to underwriting department and not the counter where they entertain customer.

So why I'm telling all this. Actually I've never brought my car for inspection before this, and my mechanic told me a secret I have to do to my car to make sure I'll passed the inspection...actually its not a secret, you just need to ask someone more experience before doing something. So if you want to get what you want. Simple, find out what you need to do or have, after that just do or get it, and give yourself ample time to do and recorrect any mistake. So that you won't have a fast beating heart beat with adrenaline pouring into your blood system and you'll become incoherent when you realized time is not on your side.

I remember last year, when I was at a Imigration Department counter to renew my Indonesian maid's work permit and the person before me wanted to renew his foreign worker. His worker will need to renew his permit by the next day, else he'll be considered as illegal and mind you all the process will take 1 month. And all employers will get a reminder letter two month earlier, so don't blame the department!

Doesn't that situation makes you very tense.



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