Sunday, October 28, 2007

Phenomenal Memory School and Others

I am still busy reading news, articles, reports on stock investment. It seems that everyday I would be spending hours to sift through all the datas and information.

Luckily, reading and analysing is something that I like to do. I come to realised this when I saw my wife getting sleepy during reading a book that I find really interesting. I asked her how can she go to sleep with all those interesting facts in the book, then we got into a discussion which concluded that each human is different (as we all have already known, nothing sort of a breakthrough here).

She loves to cook which I do not find indulging but actually her passion is to the family advantage. Sometimes I think I should be the one cooking because she said my cooking taste better. But then again she is suppose to say that when eating my cooking and vice-versa.

Better Cooking
OK now, I will give out the secret to better cooking. Use your nose intensively. When you came across a delicious gourmet remember its smell, next, you will never go wrong when the correct smell emanates from the sizzling hot ingredients your conjure in the cooking pan or pot. You don't even have to taste it. It will be so right. But before dishing it out take a small bit to ensure the amount of sweetness, sourness and saltiness makes the dish pleasurable to the taste buds.

In my last post on 3rd August I mentioned of stock markets across the world are becoming jittery and may drop more in the weeks to come, on 17 August the KLSE really tanked and what did I do. Jump into the market and bought some shares. A few days after that the market recovers bringing along the shares I bought.

Next, about my latest indulgement.

Phenomenal Memory School
Early this month I joined School of Phenomenal Memory School which was founded by Ruslan M. Here he sought to teach GMS (Giordano Memorizing System) which I believed based on the method used by Giordano Bruno. It is long distance learning class and students receive the materials by e-mails.

The lessons are well thought and three weeks later after going finishing 3 out of 59 lessons I find it has improved my memorization skill. Somehow my time is strecthed thin because I'm spending something like 2 to 3hours daily reading business news and now I need to slot in another 1 to 2 hours of memory training. So I just go slow on the training and some of the skills I've gathered I put to immediate use in work or at home. One of the skill I use extensively is the Chain Method technique which is very adaptable and expandable.

If you are interested to know more visit Phenomenal Memory School.

Before I stumbled upon Ruslan's School I tried learning O'Brien method but it lacked interaction as I'm learning from book, so there is no coach/teacher and people to ask from when I'm stuck with something. Phenomenal Memory School is better because I can learn from other students and post any questions to them and also Ruslan.


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