Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Maxis Twist

Not long after Ananda bought from Maxis investor RM15.60 per piece, part off it's share was sold off to Saudi Arabian investor for RM16.40 per share, a cool 5% profit.

In the transaction 25% of Maxis was sold off by Usaha Tegas Bhd, which is a company controlled by him.

But I guess everybody is happy. The minority shareholder, the majority share holder even the Prime Minister whom I guess has no shareholding in the company.

I'm also happy, why, because I like money, and in this type of market I've made money and maybe more to be made if the stock market keeps on inching up.

Anyhow money can also be made from descending market. Well, a friend of mine is afraid of the market crushing down. I told him, if he studied well enough of a company, and confident of his analysis, he should be buying more when the share price is cheaper. Surely, not the other way around.

For example, you'll make more money from buying, tidying up and selling a foreclose property than a fully valued one.

I have to apologise to my reader because I'm not updating my blog frequently.

Why, because I am spending time reading and reading and reading to educate and understand deeper about a sector and company for investing. Thereby I can make the right decision and in the process make a little bit of money.

Now I'm studying the shipping sector, specifically the oil tanker sector.

A little bit on that, as some of you may know there are 4 main segments in shipping industry, namely the oil tanker, bulk carrier, containership and gas tanker. Then we have the VLCC, Aframax, Panamax and etc which refer to the size of ships.

Thats all for now and see you all later.


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