Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It Is Free Diving!

I'm estatic. The KLSE index droppped some more. Hunting season is coming near (i.e. the time to invest some more in KLSE is just around the corner).

Let me give you hints what to look for.

Go for Gas & Oil sector and Construction or its support industry (e.g. companies supplying vessels, oil drilling services, cements, concrete poles, etc.)

Not all companies are made or ran equal, so some studies is neccessy here.

The best place to start is at bursa malaysia annoucement webpage. Read through and analyse the past Annual Report and the quarterly financial results, then relate the current price to the information from there.

By then you should be able to decide whether a share price is cheap or not.

Never buy anything from the KLSE unless you have done that first.

And it is better if you do some market intellingece gathering, the least you can do is to scan through any news on those interesting companies for the past few years.

You will definately gain a broad idea who will excel and surge in the coming years.


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