Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Old Habit Die Hard

I was introduced to share investment by my mother ages ago.

Unfortunately she depended on her share dealer to give her tips on what to buy. So she lost a big amount.

Then in the year 2000 I get to know about Warren Bufet and through the internet and my journey to educate my stock picking abilities started.

From the year 2000 until 2006 the KLSE index went up the down then side ways. Nevertheless I still made money and tried to influence her to invest some in the stock market by telling my new experience to her.

She refused and kept saying she lost big amount in the stock market.

A few time she told me,"You should be wary of investing in the stcok market, do you know one of your relative lost a million ringgit from buying shares?"

Fast forward and early March this year, she asked me, do I still buy shares and how much did I profit.

So I told her and then I asked why she is interested now.

She said," from the television, I heard those people were saying that the KLSE index is surging up and up and up.'

Then she asked me is it time to enter the market and can I recommend stocks, after thinking awhile I mentioned,"concentrate on the companies and we can enter anytime we wanted if our study support our action."

Next I recommended to her a few companies in Oil & Gas sectors listed on the stock market.

I told her, "buy using the money as much as you are willing to part with."

So my mum went back to hometown and last week I met her while visiting my grandmother.

She told me she already bought some stocks.

Yeah... got the tips from her dealer. The thing will sure will go up.


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