Monday, April 02, 2007

The Reasons

After the KLSE having gone through two major drops I decided to find out what prompted the fall.

So I read and read and read and I concluded that the factors are external.

The first reason seemed to be due to Yen carry trade, the second reason seemed to be the softening housing market in US (i.e. the subprime and Alt-A issues).

But it is really annoying when I realised that there are diverging opinions of whether those two factors will continue to have big influence on the market direction going down.

Anyhow my prediction is that those two will kick-start another fall. The sources from the internet that I trusted are voting for a down turn of the stock market in the near future.

Why trust them, because the year 2000 tech bust was predicted months earlier and being analyse using facts and figure which were done exactly the same currently.

It is hard not to believe when it is presented in such a way.


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