Thursday, December 20, 2007

Using My Newly GMS Acquired Skills

Last week I was summoned by my superior to explain on something. I was particularly happy with my ability to answer most of the questions coming from her.

Before that meeting I actually practised memorizing a few topics relating to something new that I was working on (I'm in the IP technology world). It is not unexpected someone would want to know more from me about it and I am just trying to prepare for that kind situation.

For those who are interested, I'm listing down what I have memorized. They may not make sense to you.

1st group - SDP, BPM, Portal, SCE, BRAS, Metro-E, Video Server, DSL Router, LAN Switch

2nd group - BPS, Subscribers, Content, Service Provider, Deliver Content, Qos Profile, Network Interface, Activate/Deactivate Qos Profile

3rd group - Qos Profile, Definition, Classes, Web Traffic, Network Administrator, Input, Minimum Bandwidth, Maximum Bandwidth, Priority, Buffer

4th group - CDR, usage, source, destination, duration, amount

5th group - SDP, End Customer, capability, freedom, application, services, service providers, IP network

I used Giordano Memorizing System (GMS) which is taught by Ruslans from Phenomenal Memory School. I combined the Free Association Technique and also the Chain Method for each group.

So every day for 5 days (actually I should be able to memorize all the groups in lesser time, but the problem is I have to spend more time choosing the right items for memorizing) I will memorize one group and the next day recalled back what I have memorized previously.

I also found out that it helps to excercise weaving a full story or full explanation for each group. People wouldn't want to hear me uttering individual memorized items.

They would sure want to hear things like (using items from group 4);

"OK now, CDR is actually Call Data Record and it contains information related to the usage of a resource in the network for a call which includes source, then the destination of the call, how long is the call duration and also how much amount should be charged to that call."

So GMS gives me a foundation to remember individual items which I can recall anywhere reasonable and at anytime reasonable to be weaved into full explanation and to make it stick into my memory that may be of some use to me.

My only complain about GMS is that it is hard work. I have to set time everyday and practise it to make it part of me.


At June 18, 2008 8:36 AM, Anonymous Ruslan said...

It's hard work ONLY when you don't have a memorization skill, same way it's hard to run 5 miles for an overweight person.

Get the skill formed, use your Phenomenal Memory daily and complete the course fully.

Ruslan ;)


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