Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Job

I have change to another post within my company.

The reason. To make sure my career path does not quickly comes to an abrupt end. So I requested for a transfer.

This time it involve talking to many people. Asking them to do something for a different set of people. It is some sort like becoming a computer speaker. Making sure the other side really hear what another side is saying.

Sometime I would wonder why couldn't just the other person by-pass me and talk direct to the next person to do their job...?

And my wondering became heightened when today the person heading the division I'm in announce that recently an award was presented us due to the good job done.

Maybe our job is important in the sense that we will discuss, ask, e-mails, follow-up, push, find ways and etc to make sure things keeps moving even in the most complicated situation.

Also I've seen things get delayed if I stay tight.


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