Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blogger Problem

The last time I can view all my posting was on Monday night.
After that I can only see SU Banner and some gibberish. Life
will always be like that, something bad waiting to happened.

At first I thought to wait for something to happen that
will give me back my blog but two days of waiting didn't help.
So I search through help, and finally when seeing there were so
many people having the same problem that I have I felt it's
no use asking them. Nobody seem to be able to give a good solution.

One of the recommended solution is to clear browser cache and then
restart the PC and then things should become normal. Did that multiple
time and nope, things didn't come back normal.

So I sent an email to blogger support and don't you love it when I got back automated reply advising me to look through the help pages. Well...the time have come to dig and learn something about blogger and HTML.



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