Sunday, April 02, 2006

Getting My Priorities Right

I've been troubleshooting my PC for the past few days.

This time the operating system (Win 2000) is unstable, although all the malwares have been removed. Finally on Thursday night I decided to get my priorities right, so on Friday I reformatted my drive and load fresh new OS and less then 3 hours I got a new clean OS running. Fortunately I had earlier partition my harddisk, so no worry of losing my personal data which are stored separately.

Yesterday, I also subscribed for broadband. Now, it will be more faster when doing my Success University project. My mind is also free from the urge of always wanting to check how long I'm on the net when using dial-up, and thinking is it time to be off the net.

In Malaysia it cost 2.5 Malaysia cents (divide that by 4 and you'll get the figure in USD) per minute through dial-up. While the cheapest broadband package is RM45 or roughly $12 per month.

After this, I think I'll set time for article writing and submit it to articlesender.

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