Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Getting Better

Today, I spent quite some time formatting my blog template and searching for application that can show me visitors statistics for my blog. As I've said before, if you are not able to assess your current standing compared to your goal then you will never know how much more effort to put in, or if you knew you have achieved your goal, maybe it's time to do something else, for example help others.

My task is not 100% finished but I have the basic script in the template now and can live with it.

Now back to Success University, the way I see it, to build your success nowadays, you can decide whether to do offline or online marketing. Not everyone is comfortable doing offline marketing which includes me and I guess not everyone is up for online marketing.

Doing online marketing is easy enough if you know all the basics and I think those people who love offline marketing will say the same about offline marketing.

One thing for sure is that both offline and online business need lots of prospects, for offline marketing your early prospects maybe you friends and family members, then after that, who?

Well my previous upline from previous MLM suggested that anyone whom I came into contact with, hmmmmn... easy spoken then done. Imagine going to the bank and whispering to the person beside you about this great business...that I'm so excited about... while filling in the deposit form.

I was told to do that. Can you do that? It takes a very strong willed person to do it.

So, can you see the beauty of online marketing, rejection free and without ever making a call to your prospect which can be anywhere on the globe. Unless they e-mailed you and ask you to call them.