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Why You Must Build Your Own Business?


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These are some of the things that I've heard when I talk to a few of my friends:

-I've have been working for quite a few years and felt that I'm getting nowhere.

-I've have been working for quite a few years and I decided I want to do something else.

-I've have been working for quite a few years and then I've heard they're going to do the downsizing exercise.

-I've have been working for quite a few years and suddenly realize that I never knew much about my wife or husband and the kids.


Sometimes last week I had an interesting talk with one of my friends. I wanted to see him. So I called him and asked if he has the time to see me during lunch.

He said, "No problem, we'll have lunch together."

He has been a weekend husband for more than a year now and wished that he can go back to his hometown and work somewhere near his family. He is also tinkering with the idea that he should make a living by doing something that he likes.

My Friend's Vision

He mentioned to me he likes cooking and is thinking going into baking and selling cakes. His idea is to open an outlet back home, where he can do the business of baking and selling cakes.

I challenged him, why don't you open one here. His reply was, "I wanted to be near my family and relatives." Well sometime we wanted to be far from our relatives. But there are benefits to be near them as what he told me. No need to explain on that. It's the usual things.

The other problem is that the cost of opening a store is much higher here and bringing his family to this bigger town also will increase his expenditure.

He described a bit on his plan:

1) Attend bakery class with his relatives
2) Buy or rent a small lot
3) Buy the equipment for baking cakes
4) Sell the cakes

I asked some other things including workers. His answer is that he is going to partner with his relative, so maybe they don't need staff. Although I'm skeptical if such a business can be easily ran, without any workers, he has the vision and if he starts it he'll learn and can tweak his business operation. If the business needs staff or anything else, it will show and he'll have to consider it.

My Online Business

Before this I've always been attracted to investments that will grow by itself and needing little care, so I can have more time to enjoy other interesting things. Investing in an online business is my third investment decision that I've took, and with my wife agreement.

The first two is doing alright and I think I don't really need to concentrate on them. They are those types of business once you've put in the basic it should be able to it run by themselves.

Currently, I've started this online business of mine by joining Success University. This company sells personal development products, there are audios and videos streaming that I'll listen to a few times weekly. I realized that listening to Success University instructors talks has helped me maintain my level of motivation. I also learned much on communication and conversational skills which I believed I'm lacking.

By involving myself in online business I have to be disciplined, for instance, rather than watching the tube or snoozing off, I have to read, write and learn new internet skills. The other good side effect is that I'm not tempted to spend my money on things that will not bring much benefit to me.

Starting any business is not free, and the same goes for my Success University business, I have to spend money on marketing tools and subscription. This is much better than buying furniture or adding accessories to my car.

What did I do and what skills I've learnt?

-I joined Success University

-I joined co-op where we pooled money and used it for advertising our business

-I subscribed to Aweber auto responder to assist me in my e-mail marketing campaign

-I started a blog to get presence on the internet

-I tracked my website visitor statistics to see where I stood

-I constantly keep in touch with my upline who is an established internet marketer

-I visited blogs from my Success University's uplines daily

-I read other bloggers' blogs daily to get new ideas

Start Your Business Now

You have to start something, and as early as possible. Working for your self is a theme that Robert Kiyosaki talked about in his book "Poor Dad Rich Dad".

Now, you only need to see the changes that are happening around you. Presently you think your job is secure, it might not be so next year or even next month. Businesses and factories get shifted from one region to another region because of lower cost, government regulations, saturated market, etc.

Or you wanted to have the change because of the reasons stated at the early part of my article..... and hopefully you’ll never have to end them with, "I’ve spent a good deal of time, lugging this job and I don't know what else to do."


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