Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bonus Gifts for Co-op Participants

This month I participated in the co-op with the help from Zamri.

Thanks to him.

I couldn't pay Daegan using my credit card until I verified it. As the verification code will only appear in my next statement, technically I will only be able to pay and participate next month.

Luckily Zamri proposed an arrangement and I manage to pay the $80 to Daegan.

Apart from that he is also offering to help anybody from his team interested in moving forward his or her SU business by:

1. Giving out 20 royalty free articles for article marketing;
Personally I prefer to do research and come out with my own article, but it takes time. If I don't have the time this will really help.

2. Helping to setup a blog at blogger.com;
If you don't know how to start a blog, then here is the opportunity to start one. Getting someone more knowledgeable to help you set up a blog cuts down your blog construction time.

3. Telling two places to submit those articles;
Of course in business you need to get people attention. I've use an article submitter service and saw my articles picked up by some article directories and saw click coming from the article.

I've got all the gifts and going to use them.


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