Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Daegan's Team Co-op is Opened

Yesterday, I’ve received e-mail from Zamri saying that Success University co-op is opened for participation and it’s limited to only 150 people from Daegan’s team.

I’m going to invest another 80dollars and buy myself a share in the coop. I’ve got reasonable lead response and even got one signed-up from my previous co-op participation.

This Co-op is Daegan's brain child, so far no other SU team do it. Because he feels that many of the his downline members are not comfortable to do advertising on the internet he came out with this idea. After getting enough participants and cash, he and a few other leaders who have the expertise will scout for place that’s great for advertisement.

Anyone who clicks on the advertisement will be sent to a participant's Success University promotional web page and will need to give their name and e-mail address to get more information.

Leads will be distributed evenly using URL rotator to every participant via URL rotator. In that way each one will get their fair of share. It’s up to the participant to take the next action, either to make a prospecting call or mail.

As I see that majority of my lead come from other countries, I use Aweber auto responder to e-mail to them.

This is my second participation, yesterday I tried to make the payment to Success University Co-op but unfortunately I have to wait for about another 4 days. I need to be verified by PayPal first before making the payment.

If I miss this month Co-op then I’ll join next month.


At April 20, 2006 5:36 PM, Blogger Zamri Nanyan said...


PayPal accept credit card for the payment. So, you don't actually need a PayPal account on your own.

BTW, great work on this blog. It's becoming more and more helpful.

To our success,
Zamri Nanyan.


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