Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mine to Decide or Is it?

Sometimes in life you are at a cross-road, you have to make a decision. But what if the decision you made, are not for you to carry-out and the execution depend on others.

I meant after thinking and discussing about it, I wanted to turn right, but there's someone else saying I should go left. Then steered my direction to the other way.

You are also not in power to move to the right even though you felt that it is the best decision.

Secondly, there are people that I knew who will ask for my opinion on something but actually have already made up their mind and when they come to ask for my opinion, its just that, nothing more, whatever I said never really matters.

And it hurts when what I'm afraid off will happen.....happen as I predict it would be when they acted based on their decision.


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