Monday, May 29, 2006

Mike Filsaimer of Butterfly Marketing

I listened to Mike Filsaimer who branded his product as Butterfly Marketing which is a website building tool for membership and affiliate management last Friday. He was interviewed by Matt Morris during a faculty call and turns out to be, he is a Success University member.

Yaro Starak commented that Butterfly Marketing is one of this year big Internet Marketing product. I better tell you that he is also an affiliate to the product. In simple word he gets money if anyone buys it from his link.

Another successful person using the Butterfly Marketing is Keith Welmann who was personally mentored by Mike. Well from his posting I can see that many people become successful from using Butterfly Marketing, that is if you consider receiving a lot of money as successful.

I concurred with Yaro that every year there will be big products released into the market, but not everyone can profit from them. Most of the time if you're ready, then when opportunity sail in front of you,you just know it and quickly you grab it. The likelihood is, you will profit massively.

But if you're are not ready and your knowledge and experience is minimal,you'll look silly hugging the opportunity and you'll have to take into account the amount of money that you may lose when chasing the success promised by the opportunity.

That one I gladly learn after listening to Earl Nightingale in my Success University course.



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