Monday, July 10, 2006

Advice to Those Who Wants to Break A Relationship Cordially --- By Someone Who Did it

Here is a good advice to ponder upon.

One of my friends owns a factory and supplied products to MNCs in Malaysia.

This year he has started to supply to overseas market.

In the early year the factory was jointly own by another two partners.

During the 1997 Asian crisis, there was not enough money to pay all of them. Didn't really asked what he meant by the statement. I guess their salaries or perks being the owner.

So before the company goes bankrupt and they started blaming each other and became enemies for life, he suggested for the other two friends to sell their shares to him.

In other word, break their business partner relationship.

The other two owners agreed to his proposal. So my friend borrowed from his relatives some money and buy off their portions.

He told me, now they are still good friends.

So his advice is, if in your life you have to break relationship, do it before situations get heated up and give concessions if possible.

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