Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Life's Quotations.....For What?

This is among one of the quotation that I like;
"Time and tide waits for no one."

Which means that in whatever situation, the clock will be ticking off and the ocean waves will rise and fall.

Another quotation that I find useful is;
"This too will pass."

What that is implying is, whether you're in great happiness or in deep sorrow it won't last forever. Definitely not in this world.

Now if you're in a horrible situation, just remind yourself that, this too will pass,

...and better still if you add, by saying to yourself, nothing matters, nothing matters and nothing matters.

Why would you want to say that? Because that will make you more sane and in control. Sometimes thinking about things that are out of your control can make you lost your mind and good judgement and you may hurt someone(yourself included) or damage something.



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