Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Daegan's Team Coop Opened and Closed

Actually I should be writing about this topic last week, but I was busy with something else.

For the few weeks I've been finding ways to optimize my blog. I've read, searched, downloaded and read tens of articles on SEO.

So here, just to tell you that Daegan's team coop opened on June, 12 2006 which is last Monday and already closed on this week Monday on 19th June.

This time I bought on share on the day the coop is opened.

I already got bonuses from Zamri who has promised to give free articles and article sender software to anyone from his team who paticipated in the coop.

My past participations in the coop has given me a good number of leads and also a few people who became Success University member under me.

This time I'm sure I'll get great results.



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