Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Few Traits of Successful People

That said, I'm going to be more successful one day. I love this internet business that I am part of. I'm also putting effort into building it. No night pass by, without me working on this whole dream that has become my passion.

I intent on giving life to it, so that one day it will breathe on its own. Keeps on turning round and round perpetually after reaching critical mass.

There are plenty of work to be done. Sometimes I just wondered how others manage their time. That’s why they are successful bloggers and internet marketers.

This evening one of my friends called me. He wanted to have a chat. After he arrived, we went to the cafeteria and settled for soft-drinks.

So here we are, and as usual he has the insider scoop of Malaysian Business.

One of the earlier internet companies is not healthy and looks like going to fold-up. It hasn't been paying salaries for many months now.

He was wondering why, it has the management, contracts, contacts and the experience. Maybe mismanagement of cash-flow.

Ohh...he got the news from one of top management of the company who is a friend of him and now looking for other job.

Huh...what the title of this posting has to do with a company that is sinking...so you got me there and the things that will come after this explains it.

I’ve written down here things that came out from our conversation that I felt matters much.

1. Don't buy liabilities (which I freely follow Robert T. Kiyosaki definition)
2. Save and save and save, spend only for those things which brings in return
3. Giving award to young people may make them feel indestructible
4. Aligned yourself with people who wants to become better
5. Keep on learning new things that makes you a better person
6. To help yourself, then train other people through MLM (opss...he said that)

Then he introduced his MLM products and company to me. He said it was started by an ex-Malaysian AMWAY employee. It is an internet based MLM.

I listened, saying to myself, there must be something magical about MLM. Here a person who owns a gas station that is doing well and having interest in a few companies, wanted to try out with MLM.

But he is the type of person who cannot sit still; currently he is also trying to build a business in Indonesia.

Good luck to him!

He has been lucky all this while. The first time he got his break was when he made a tidy sum from the stock market and that helped him to come out with initial capital to start business.

But, I really believe luck is only 1% of the whole equation, the other 99% is hard work and perseverance.



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