Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Father In-Law Passed Away

It was very hectic for me and the family for the past few days.

My father in-law passed away last Saturday, 24th June 2006. My wife got the message around 10:30pm while I was working on my blog, after hearing the news through my wife, we packed everything up, luckily we have a live-in maid who helped packing.

By 12midnight we're ready and drove all the way back to Ipoh which is my wife hometown.

Huh it was very tiring and I was sleepy, I'm not used to travelling during early morning.

We reached there around 3:30am, couldn't really sleep by then, and waited until 9:00am when things started to get faster and the same day by 12noon or so his body was buried after prayer.

Only after that, I felt the need to get a good rest.



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