Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stop! Don't Wreck Your Precious Life

It is a fact of life. All around us there will be people that lashed out negative imaginations that are lingering in their mind through their mouth.

Then there are people that say out positive words through their mouth.

The funny thing is that the people with negative imagination is in abundance and tend to get audience to agree with them when they are talking.

These people will find fault with almost everything, their work, their bosses, their colleagues, their wives, kids, even themselves and just anything else.

The much funnier thing is that, negative words are always free and it never comes with a price. But if you want to hear positive expressions being said, and moreover the best ones, you have to pay a price, sometimes a hefty one.

Try going to any motivational talks or to any classes that make your learn new skills.

But mind you, we will still pay the price for listening to negative things. We will pay the price by having bleak future if we let our self succumb to negative thoughts being sowed by people with unhealthy attitude and negative habits. We will feel more hopeless, helpless and bad about our self and about everything else.

And actually, it takes the same kind of effort and energy whether to talk about negative things or positive things.

It is like driving a car, it doesn't matter whether you are reversing or going forward, you're still using gas or in Malaysia we call it petrol.

It makes more sense, don't you think so? If you wanted to go somewhere quicker, go forward, not backward.

Having that said, I would advise others and myself to listen to positive words, think positively, say positive things and act positively.

It is a waste of time for you to tell negative things to others who cannot help you, themselves or anyone else. If you have a problem, talk to someone who can give you good advice.

For example if you're sick, see your doctor, ask for medicine, and find out how you can get better.

Don't overindulge in your sickness and the symptoms you're experiencing, don't feel sorry for yourself; think how to get better quickly.

That is better for you and for everyone else.

When you absorbed good habits and attitudes, the world will start paying you in ways you never imagine. Your relationship becomes meaningful, your work become easier and enjoyable, you family loves you more, you felt healthier and many better things will greet you in future.

The least is that, you will immediately feel better about yourself rather than being depressed.

Now, if you want to feel depress go ahead. You can do that to yourself. But I remember that depression is a mental sickness that may need medical attention and you want to keep it in control.

It has been associated with low appetite, migraine, suicidal tendency and etc. When you reach that state, people will also try to be out of your way.

On the other hand, I have never heard the medical community ever did research on how not to make you feel good about yourself, feel positive, and expectant of this life.

You will definitely get a surprise stare if you visit your doctor and asked for a pill that will not allow you to feel good about yourself, that will make you feel depress and put an end to this great life so that you don't have to put up with another good stuff in your life, ever again.



At June 23, 2006 4:07 PM, Blogger Zamri Nanyan said...

Great post, Zul!

Press forward if you want to reach your destination. Life will be much more wonderful with more positive minds, like you.

Thank you for this great wisdom.


At June 24, 2006 8:01 AM, Blogger Zulhairy said...


The thing is, if we have to do it then we have do it, whether we grumble or not.

And it just feels better if we take it positively.

I've run across situations where someone said bad things about doing something, but still we have to complete the job and thinking of the bad words said makes me sick.

I agree that life will be much better if people talk positively in whatever situation they are in.


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