Friday, July 14, 2006

Family Relationship: Why it's That Way (1)

Everyone has a family. A mum, a papa, sisters, brothers, relatives and if married, a wife or husband and maybe children.

Today, in this posting I'm going to talk about us who regularly came across those people we loved.

If you haven't realize it yet, we tend to feel tense when interacting with some of those close people.

Why it's that way?

From my actual experience it is because of:

1) There is this one great idea how you should do it. Listen here... I don't need your idea how to go about it.
2) Actually you don't have the experience, you don't know what you are talking about.
3) I'm better than you... look what I have, my expensive car, my clever kids, my sophisticated friends and etc.
4) Whatever it is, you must realize that person is never wrong.
5) You are already successful, don't nag, let that person be.

That's for now, I'll post some more later.

So what is my point?

Think what I meant and try to avoid doing those things which makes you regret later. Retaliation is sweet but if not done subtly, you may regret it later.

I know, I have gone through it.

Reflect back your encounter with your family. Ponder upon how certain aspects can be improved. Conjure your response in your mind. This needs constant exercise.

That will make your life and theirs also much better.

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