Sunday, March 04, 2007

Finally, It Dropped !

Yes, at last it happened. A few minutes into trading, the KLSE index on 27 February shot down nearly 95points, which is really spectacular, before inching up again. It hasn't recovered the total lost yet.

Actually the fall precipitated a day earlier but in a much somber pace.

I knew about it (i.e. the 95 points drop) and saw the index in it's low but did nothing of it. I was thinking to myself, let it fall some more.

This situation doesn't come often where every shares prices was hauled down (for some it was about 30% price dropped) and what more it doesn't last long.

Now, I wish, I had been buying when I saw the plunge, because most of the prices of the shares were really ridiculously low at that moment.

It lasted for a few minutes. Then the KLSE index recovered and along with it the prices of stocks that I really love to put into my portfortlio.

Some of them dived down for a ringgit and today already recovered by 0.8 to 1Ringgits higher. So giving a return of that much (about 30%) for a few minutes of decision making for those who have the hindsight to buy.

I only started buying shares after the prices have recovered about 50% from the dropped. That was after deciding not to wait anymore.

But who knows the opportunity may come again in the coming weeks.

So just be patient, wait for another round of knock down.

For now just keep studying companies' fundamentals to make sure they are worth picking up when the bear retreats again.


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