Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dealing With MPH (Malayan Publishing House)

In the last post I did mentioned about Warren Buffet and Dominic O'Brien.

The earlier amassed unmaginable wealth through buying companies whilst the later changed the landscape of modern normal human capabilities in memorizing.

After some investigation I decided to learn more about O'Brien techniques and a few others. Bought additional books from MPH, which is alright if the books are available in stores around KL but got more cumbersome when asking someone from the stores to order for me from the publishers. They call it special order.

I mainly used e-mails to get in touch with MPH and sometimes using phones and going to the stores. As expected when using emails I will get the responses although it might takes a few days for the responses to come, but for face-to-face encounters and through the phone, in my opinion they need to buck-up the procedures.

I made around 10 calls and in 2 calls the person talking to me said I will be contacted later. Nevertheless nobody called back. Hmnn...

I felt it is better if I said,"I will call back later." Then, I won't be worrying if I'm going to ever get return calls from them.

The first enquiry e-mail was sent on 26 December last year, only yesterday after 7 e-mails I became confident enough to make the booking deposit.

As a comparison, visiting and ordering through Amazon.com takes less than 30 minutes and it is ready to deliver the books to me. I need only to press something like the order button.

Amazon.com promised to deliver the books in about 1 month whilst MPH promised to deliver them in 2 months at RM20.00 cheaper.

Fortunately I don't need the books urgently or MPH will definately lose orders from me.


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