Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Learning and Practising Dominic O'Brien Technique

Somewhere in past posting I mentioned that I am teaching my daughter how to memorize.

I did this, well, because "they said they wanted to test your understanding but actually your memorizing skill is get tested during exam," someone wrote that in the internet, couldn't remember whom the person is and my daughter is going through lots of exams in the coming years.

To get you to the the point, during one important year in my schooling years I memorized 10 past years exam exam sets and just guess what I got for one paper where all the questions was picked from past years exam by the teacher preparing the questions. I don't even have to understand what the question is asking about. Just find the right answer and mark it. It is an objective exam by the way.

Now, when I taught my daughter fortunately or unfortunately I also have to memorize words I said to her which I listed on a list.

Why? You would ask.

Put it like this, if she cannot remember some of the words then I wouldn't be feeling guilty repremanding her to do it right and she wouldn't be able to say it is really hard to memorize those words when I can rapidly said out what are those words after I handed her the list. So the fact is that I was also learning how to memorize.

It was put to practice one day when I attended a course. I memorize all the important points that were highlighted by the trainer. Unfortunately I couldn't memorize all points because my journey is only limited to 23 pegs.

So now after getting the "first kick out" of memorizing points said in a training session I am going to commit to my memory more journey and pegs so I can memorize more.

O'Brien has 100 journeys of 52 pegs each in his head ready for use and half are used for short term memory whilst the other half is used for long term memory. He told about it in his book how to pass exams.

So theoritically he can memorize 5200 of anything said to him in one go.

Hmnn... a very long way to go for me and my daughter.


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