Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stock Picking and Memorizing

I have not been updating my blog for a few months. I was busy doing other things and in the mean time I have decided to stop promoting Success University because of a few reasons, well, maybe in future I will decide to start again.

One of the reasons which kept bugging me is cost or specifically Return On Investment (ROI). Then I realise I can use the money for other things such as increasing knowledge in a certain pursuits that I have been doing for the past decade.

So I kept thinking and thinking and finally I decided to keep my SU subscription because I like the lessons offered and to stop altogether any type of SU advertising and promotion requiring cash.

Currently, I'm back at spending my free time studying companies that are listed on the KLSE and sometimes until wee hours in the morning.

In all aspects of life when you are involved in something and when you seek to search and study the right methods and schemes and improve on it, at last you will get it right after countless reflecting, tweaking, adding and pruning.

Just like what Bob Burg said, if it has been done by someone, it can be done by anyone else, just find it and emulate how it is done. You will definately see the result.

My objective is really simple, that is, how I can have 100% probability that my overall portfolio will increased in value for at least 3 years from now and while at the same time I still can sleep well at night and during the day I'm not glued to the jiggling of stock prices.

In October this year, I started fine tuning my technique after getting an insight, my beloved wife was also fundamental in realising the insight, but somehow at the same time the Composite Index rose from 960 and now it is 1080. It was sheer luck that I started buying at that time. It is not uncommon now to see stocks prices already increased by 30%. 30% is very high if you read book about Warren Buffet, his yearly target for stock price increase is only 15% but he has been able to compound his wealth for about 20% each year for 40 years. He started with about USD100k in the sixties and now ends with around USD60Billion or so.

Anyhow, stock market trend is not something I'm looking into, it doesn't matter, whether the market is up or down if it is the right time then I will acquire or start selling stocks.

Another pursuit that I have taken on is teaching my 7 years old daughter of how to memorize more efficiently. I want her to have easier time when learning. Using memorizing techniques taught by Ron White, she already knows the meanings to these words, look up, point to the door, pick up the can, write your name, stand up, read the book, able, change, methods, schemes, no one, knows, intentions, war, vital, state, matter, live, death.

The best part is that she remembers all this in three sessions of 30 minutes each. Usually it will take days to remember all these. My coming target is to coach her until she can memorize 20 items within one 30 minutes session.

During the first time, I used Ron White methods and able to memorize 20 US presidents and I can repeat it from the first to the last and vice versa. Later I started with my daughter.

I'm now thinking to learn Dominic O'Brien methods, he won the World Memory Championship 8 times. As a child he was diagnosed as having Dyslexia and Attention Deficiency Disorder (ADD), just imagine that.

"Learn from the Master," I've heard that so many times. His audio book is available for about USD25 and I read really positive reviews about them. Maybe I'll get them. :-)


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