Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Once In A Blue Moon PC Fair

Finally,... yes.... finally I did it, I finally bought a PDA at a price which is a few hundred ringgit cheaper.

Bought it a few weeks ago at The PC fair which was held at Kuala Lumpur City Center.

In Malaysia, PC Fair is an event you wouldn't want to miss out if you're looking for computer related gadgets, because the sellers there really drove down their price at PC Fair.

The whole family just arrived from Ipoh to KL one night, and we went to straight to KLCC because I couldn't wait for another year or so for the next PC Fair.

I simply have to go to KLCC then.

Unfortunately my daughter who was 7 years old was sick with fever (she was OK the next two days)and I felt obliged to carry her as she was looking at me in the eyes in a pitiful way, complaining to me she is going to black-out if I don't carry her. So I have to carry a full 20kg weight most of the time there. Sometimes, I have to asked her, if I can put her down and take a rest when her weight seems so unbearable.

A few days after that, I felt like I'm having a fever myself. All my joints and muscle felt hurt.

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