Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Opppsss...The Not So Perfect PDA

Doug from http://www.underdoug.ca/ post a comment in my previous posting. Later I was intrigued after reading his blog posting. I did more research and lucky me.

I came across a review when reading through CNET suggesting to visit here, which was started by g00nerz.

He or she started the forum posting, with the comments I pasted below;

Got a brand spanking new Axim x51(v)? Are YOU experiencing these problems?
-Axim Will not power on after standby?
-White Screen Of Death (WSOD)
-Losing CF or SD cards?
-Battery losing charge while on standby?
-Axim overheating when left in standby mode?
-If Leaving WiFi on when putting into standby, it's light starts flashing for no reason?

....and some more description at Wikipedia , I'm not sure if it will be available when you look for it there now.

Most probably I won't be buying Dell AximX51 anymore after reading both of them. Looks like Dell Axim X51 is not stable which is due to Windows Mobile 2005 bug. In the thread it was speculated that the instability is caused by Active Sync, which launched itself automatically and brings myriads of problems.

The proposed solution is to disable the Active Sync.Actually I'm at the verge of divulging my credit card number to Dell online website. Axim X51 is so cheap compared to its competitors model, it is giving a big discount for the gadget, which nearly got me hooked.

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