Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Tools from Google

Google Inc. released four new tools on may, 10 2006 that is going to help internet internet users better. They are Google Co-op Beta, Google Desktop 4 Beta, Google Trends and Google Notebook.

I took some time to check out one of the tools and it was fun.

Here it is Google Trends.

This tool is suppose to help users find a search term. So I tested a few combination and guess what the result looked like for this keywords.

life, health, general, how to, buy

then select Malaysia in place of All Regions.

It would seems that a surge of people looking to buy health insurance during those months in Malaysia in 2006. This is interesting to those insurance companies. Those people who can get the keywords combination can sell them to those advertisers if it is not against Google policy.

Now lets put another keywords.

dead, sick, unique, let, sell

Same trends. The insurance companies have to be cautious.

Just to check further. Lets put in:

cat, door, window, ice, spoon

Extraordinary, same trends.

Select Singapore and now see what happens.

So don't fully trust Google Trends graph yet and the people at Google have also put a disclaimer asking users not take Google Trends seriously.



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