Thursday, June 08, 2006

Success University is Becoming More Successful

Today, Matt Morris announced changes to Success University compensation scheme for its affiliates.

It will be easier now, for a member to get monthly cheque from Success University HQ in Dallas. This is a free residual income received without any effort of Success University member, which is really great.

Don't you just love it. Not many organisations are as nice as Success University when giving out cash. Most of the time corporate organisations will prefer to look after their own health and wealth, sometimes not even bothering the welfare of their own employees, who are working hard for them.

Many will benefit from this change and I believe many lifes will change and becoming more hopeful of their success with Success University.

It was also announced that Daegan Smith, one of my team leader is now in the advisory board of Success University because of his success in using internet marketing to build his business.

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