Sunday, July 16, 2006

Family Relationship: Why it's That Way (2)

Continuing the previous posting here are more reasons.

Asset or money, yes, its a big reason in our life;

6) We have to support him, you know, (who is more than 21 years old, not studying and like to loiter around) until he gets a steady job.

7) My love, your money is my money and my money is .....

8) That person acted as if we were money printing machine.

9) He keeps boasting about how well-off he is, but told me there is simply not enough money when I ask for his help.

10) I loaned him the money and he spent it all on .... (fill in the blank), then he came back asking for more money.

The health of a marriage to a certain extent also depend on how much money is available for the family. According to a study, in US, one of the major reason of divorce is due to money problem.

And if you can recall, most disputes in a family that went to the Courts were about asset or wealth allocation which has a direct relationship with money.

One of the famous dispute in Malaysia between family members is the Tan Chong Bhd Saga. It is a public listed company which holds the franchise of Nissan and Datsun cars distribution in Malaysia.

The disagreement is between an uncle and a nephew on the company's ownership. Both of them have their own camp, and this is detrimental to having a cordial family relationship.

You can read here the Malaysian Courts Judgements High Court Judgement, Appeal Court Judgement, and Federal Court.

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