Friday, July 28, 2006

Healthy Life

What makes you healthy?

What will make you feel healthy?

What will make you full of energy?

What is the most important thing that will keep you healthy?

Will you believe me, if I said for the first part of my life, headache is part and parcel of my life. I have come to accept it. Most of the time it is a daily occasion, something like, OK now I have to go the bathroom, need to throw away few things, no big deal about it, you have one of it, I also got one.

But now for the past few years, I cannot even remember when was the last time I experience headache. Even when I was down with fever, and whenever I got one, I can easily make it go away.

Nope, it's cure is not a magical drug or even a black magic. It is never a panadol or ponstant. It is a very simple thing in life that I get adjusted to.

I think, if I tell the cure, those pharmaceutical giant will get very angry.


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