Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life for the Past Few Days

I have been busy for a while. Office work is becoming heavier in the past few week, has started to bring some works back home.

Few personal things also cropped up that I need to focus on, which took lots of my time that doesn't have to do with computer and the internet.

My Blog Header

Last week I put Life Health Relationship as my blog header. A few days after that I decided to change a bit to Life Healthy Life Relationship, then I'll just concentrate on using that keywords in my blog postings.

Just trying out things that I learn when reading Brad Callen ebook.

This time, I think, using the word healthy is better, it is easier to form a sentence rather than health.

It is because I can write healthy ........(fill in the blank)which gives me more options, but health ....... (fill in the blank) gives me less options.

For example healthy food or healthy life or healthy thinking or healthy relationship or people.

But for the word health, I cannot just put something in front of health, it will sound ridiculous, although I have seen people using "health food" but never "health life" or "health thinking" or "health relationship" or "health people".

So I need to be creative there which I can easily do without, when using the word healthy.

I'm also thinking back to change my blog layout. Maybe I'll do it somewhere next month.

Question On Success-University

I have also been corresponding with one of my free-trial downline from Philipine. He claimed he is a business man and wanted to know how long will he get his money back if he continue to invest in Success University.

I told him I estimated in 3 years time. Although usually, 3 years payback time is quite OK. But, I'm not sure whether that is a good answer to a business man.

Returns Expected from Success-University

Considering the knowlege that he'll get, it may be worth it, if he continue with Success University as a paying member.

Anyhow if he is thinking in accounting terms, which I think he is, from the way he wrote his e-mail. He will not continue. There is no asset that he can flip, by buying Success University membership. He cannot mortgage his SU website to the bank.

But the same applies when you pay your fees while taking your degree or diploma. You cannot go to the bank and put it up, as a collateral.

But don't you think, your life and future will be much better if you have a degree. You can apply for better job. And in some years you are presented with vast opportunities, you'll be busy selecting and picking what you want.

For example, one of my working collegue just came back a few months from Japan, after finishing his Master Degree there. Now he is no more with us and has joined another company who is in awed of both his experiences studying in Japan and working in Malaysia.

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